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Three Sevens: The Book of Thunderis the sixth episode of the first season of Black Lightning. It is the sixth episode overall.[1]


TO RIGHT THE WRONGSJefferson is on the hunt for his father’s killer, while Anissa uses her new powers to rectify a wrong after a protest fails. Jennifer grapples with some difficult choices.  Elsewhere, Gambi begs for help from Lynn.[2]



At the Freeland Police Station, Deputy Cayman informs fellow officers that Black Lightning is at Club 100. Black Lightning is still on the ground from his fight with Joey and can barely use his powers. He passes out on the ground nd Gambi comes to his aid and drives Black Lightning away from the scene. While driving, Gambi calls Lynn to hell what is wrong with Black Lightning.

Meanwhile, Joey is limping from his fight with Black Lightning as he's coming to Tobias hideout. Tobias asks what happened to him. Joey informs him that something was wrong with him. Tobias starts to choke Joey as he didn't finish Black Lightning. Joey says that he tipped off the police through their contact. Syonide informs Tobias that Tori's protection team checked in with them. Tobias explains to Joey that Lady Eve sent him albino dust s a way to mess with his head. Tobias tells Joey to have a crew on standby as soon as they hear Black Lightning been captured.

Back at the station, Henderson informs Cayman that the witnesses stated they saw Black Lightning being put into a van. Cayman asked if he got a description, but Henderson says no as the witnesses were fans. Angry, Cayman asks how does Black Lightning has fans. Upon hearing this, Henderson gets suspicious and asks how did he get the tip about Black Lightning. Cayman says he didn't and goes to answer a phone call from Joey.

Back Gambi's, Lynn is examining Jefferson. He is telling her how he had to go after Joey becus of his connection to Tobias, but Lynn is ignoring his explanation. She looks at Jefferson's brain scan and says it looks normal. She explains that his powers tripled his recovery system, and that even though he's not healing as fast as he use to do, but his healing is still twice as fast. Jefferson rubs her wrist, but Lynn pulls away. She tells him to stop trying to pull her back in as it was painful for her to see him hurt. Jefferson reminds he that tObias killed his father and is in Freeland. However, Lynn tells him that nothing he does will bring his father back. Lynn tells him that he it's too much for her to see him in his condition and leaves.

The next day at her university, Anissa is participating in a protest of a confederate monument. The campus police comes along and arrest the protesters along with Anissa.

At her job, Lynn is working until a co-worker shows her brain scans of someone who has taken Green Light. He explains that while the matter in their brain is suppose to be dark, it is showing up very light. He asks if she has seen similar brain scans and Lynn lies to him that she hasn't. She asks him to get her a coffee as she secretly compares Jefferson brain scan with the other one. Unbeknownst to her, her co-worker is spying on her while calling an unknown person.

Over at the Freeland Police Station, Anissa is released from custody. She walks over to Jefferson and Jennifer and thanks him for bailing her out. Jefferson asks if she is okay and walks off. In the hallway



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  • "Vengeance"was the original title for this episode.
  • Jefferson and Lynn learn about Anissa's power, while the latter learns that the former is Black Lightning.
  • Khalil is officially working with Tobias as of this episode.






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