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Syonide is a recurring character in Black Lightning. She is Tobias Whale's surrogate daughter. He rescued her from a dumpster as an infant, and he has since taken her under his wing. She was in an adoption center until she was 8, which was when Tobias officially adopted her. Before that, she was abused and mistreated.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

In The Resurrection, she was first seen watching the news on the Black Lightning attack at Club 100. She was called to Tobias, so he could be informed of the incident.

Later on, she, along with Joey, pulled up in front of Lala's car to take him to Tobias'. There, they watched Tobias shoot him with a harpoon gun while telling him to handle the Black Lightning situation.[1]

In LaWanda: The Book of Hope, Syonide was in Tobias hideout, being given orders to up their security at all of their businesses. She rolled her eyes at Lala's comment on Tobias hating black people. When Tobias forced Lala to the floor, she gagged him to keep him from talking.

Days later, she joined Tobias at the Freeland Police Department to confront Lala. In Lala's cell, she watched as Tobias choked him to death, and they left the precinct.[2]

In LaWanda: The Book of Burial, she was walking with Tobias to meet with Lady Eve at Black Bird Funeral Parlor. She and Tobias listened to Lady Eve talk about Reverend Holt's march, were tasked with handling the situation, and left. Later on, Syonide watched as Tobias gave orders to another member to shoot the Reverend at the march and smiled as Tobias jammed a pen into the gang member's hand. Friday night at the march, she and Tobias went to the march and witnessed the protesters singing to Black Lightning. At Tobias' order, she shot Reverend Holt and indirectly shot Khalil Payne as well.[3]

Physical Appearance[]

Syonide is a tall, slender woman with long brunette hair. She mostly wears expensive dresses and jewelry, as well as expensive makeup. Syonide also has bullet-proof skin under her clothes that was implanted by Tobias when he took her in.


Not much is known about Syonide's personality except that she is loyal to Tobias. She seems to take pleasure in Tobias torturing others, as seen in LaWanda: The Book of Burial. Syonide seems to really care about Tobias, as seen in episode 7. She is merciless and also brash, as implied by Tobias when she shot and killed a henchman whom Tobias was torturing for not saving his sister.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Expert Assassin: Syonide is a highly trained killer.
  • Expert Combatant: Syonide is a very skilled combatant, as she was able to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Thunder. She was able to get Thunder off her feet but was eventually defeated. She also made use of two batons, however they were useless and broke against Thunder’s invulnerable skin.
  • Master Marksman: Syonide has displayed to be a superb user of various firearms, able to skillfully wound or execute her targets even in the midst of chaos. Though ordered by Tobias Whale to kill Black Lightning, Syonide managed to aim for Jeremiah Holt, and she shot a bullet that passed through his body and even through Khalil Payne's spinal cord.
  • Bullet Proof: Syonide has the unique ability to be somewhat uninjured when she is slit or shot by a bullet. This is because there is a sheet of carbon fiber or another bulletproof material underneath her first layer of skin.


  • Sniper Rifle: She owns a Sniper Rifle that can go through four people at a time
  • Sidearms: She carries twin pistols that fire poisoned bullets.
  • Extendable Batons: Syonide carried two extendable batons, which she used in her fight against Thunder, however, they were destroyed after being hit against Thunder’s invulnerable skin.





Season 1
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