Green Light is a new drug in Freeland that causes it's users to have enhanced physical abilities. It was created by the secret organization that Lady Eve is part of and given to The One Hundred to distribute. Since it's emergence, there have been many fatalities due to overdosing.

Throughout the Series



Enhancements to strength, stamina, and endurance, in particular, were raised beyond human capability, while reflexes and agility where raised only to the peak of human capability.
Bernard Lewis Green Light Effects

Bernard showcasing enhanced strength while under the influence of Green Light.

Also, side-effects included a reduction in self-control and enhanced aggression, to the point of the subject having homicidal tendencies.


Known Users


  • This drug could be based on Dc Comics drug Tar.
  • Green Light's effects on a person (granting them superhuman physical traits, with a side-effect of making the user much more aggressive) is similar to Mirakuru, which appeared on Arrow.