Club 100 is a nightclub located in Freeland. The nightclub got it's name, because mostly members of the 100 gang hangs out there.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In The Resurrection, Jennifer and Kiesha lied about going to a small house party and went to Club 100 instead. They were on the dance floor rinking and smoking Marijuana. While dancing, Jennifer notices Will looking at her, and goes to talk with him. As they were talking in the booth, members of the 100 interrupts heir conversation. Jennifer tries to get up and leave but one member wouldn't let her and Will told her to just stay chill.

Meanwhile, Jefferson arrives and locates Jennifer being taken into the backroom. In Lala's office, he is angry with Will because he had to chase him down. Will says he doesn't have to chase him down as he's working on getting the money to pay Lala back. This upsets Lala as he reminds Will of all the things he did for him when he was arrested by Freeland PD. He punches Will, and Will tells him that he will get him the money and not to embarrass him in front Jennifer. Jennifer corrects Will and tries to tell Lala that she only met Will that night. Lala tells her to shut up. He suggests that Jennifer be used as a prostitute at the Seahorse motel as a way to pay the money back. He asks Will if they're good, and he says yeah. Angry, Jennifer says that she will not whoring around for anybody. Will tries to get her calm down, but she knees in his groin.

Outside the office, Jefferson tries to get in the office, but the bouncer refuses to let him enter. When he tries to stop him, Jefferson throws him to the wall. The bouncer then pulls a gun on him. Fed up, Jefferson uses his powers to make the lights go out and the club. Not long after, gun shots begins to erupt throughout the club. Members of the gang try to shoot and Jefferson in the dark, but he easily over powers them. After no longer hearing gunshots, Jennifer leaves the club and goes home.

Jefferson walks out the club, but he is stopped by to officers. He attacks them and blows up their car after one of them makes a racist remark. Later on, Inspector Henderson is on the news talking about the officers being attacked at the club.




Season 1


Season 1