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    Book Synopses

    December 14, 2018 by Mx. Junie

    A compilation of book synopses, based on episode synopses, presented plotlines, and characterization between each.

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    Due to the negligence from the absence of Garfield High School's principal, Jefferson Pierce is unanimously demoted from his position, being informed of this decision by board member Napier Frank. Despite the dispute surrounding the ordeal, he accepts accountability for his behavior, in an attempt to adjust to his replacemnet Mike Lowry.

    Lynn Pierce continues to push her way into the ASA's labs despite Agent Odell's counter measures to hinder the progression, going as far as to employ the aid of criminal scientist Helga Jace in order to discourage observation over the Green Light Babies held in the pods.

    Anissa Pierce …

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  • Mx. Junie

    A collection of all the characters inspired or based on their comic counterparts.

    Character Comic Counterpart
    Jefferson Pierce Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning
    Jennifer Pierce Jennifer Pierce/Lightning
    Anissa Pierce Anissa Pierce/Thunder
    Lynn Pierce Lynn Pierce
    Tobias Whale Tobias Whale
    William Henderson Bill Henderson
    Peter Gambi Peter Gambi
    Khalil Payne Painkiller

    Latavious Johnson Tattooed Man
    Syonide Syonide
    Joey Toledo Joey Toledo
    Evelyn Lady Eve
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  • Mx. Junie

    As this wiki (as well as the series) lists and explains powers and abilities that may come, this blog post will be a table of all known powers and/or abilities:

    Density Control The power to change one's mass and volume. Anissa Pierce
    Electrokinesis The power to generate and manipulate electricity. Jefferson Pierce
    Jennifer Pierce
    Energy Projection The power to shift a surge of energy through solids or fluids. Anissa Pierce
    Healing Factor The power to heal, typically faster than the average human. Anissa Pierce
    Jefferson Pierce
    Jennifer Pierce
    Longevity The power to extend one's livelihood, often physically. Tobias Whale
    Tori Whale

    Combatant The ability to fight outside methods of mixed martial arts, sometimes militant. Anissa Pierce
    Engineer The ability to…

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    Template Drafts

    March 21, 2018 by Mx. Junie

    I hope that these draft templates are allowed and soon to be made into future article pages for this wiki. I have been exploring around and learning specific codes for wikis. As I continue to help (to some regard) to make this wiki look a little prettier, I will be working on some drafts for infoboxes for specific pages with information that may benefit readers.

    You are welcome to comment on what should be added. I also welcome critiques and concerns. Do NOT actively use these templates on article pages until they are improved and approved by the admins of the wiki. Thank you!

    Template Code Purpose
    Template:Character/Draft Display an image of the item. List specific information that may be revealed in the series, like the item's creator(s), us…

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  • Supernatural145

    ok for so long since the show Black Lightning started, I have always wondered what the Team will be like, because like every DC TV show they always have this formula of Teams and the people on the team and their roles.  So I'm going to put a specific enough of the team so far with the last two episodes and the third for tonight.So far Team Lightning at the moment should consist of -Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning as the Hero -Peter Gambi as The Tech Support -Lynn Pierce (hopefully she'll get on board with Jeff being Black Lightning again) as The Neuroscientist then later on the daughters wil join the team but mostly Anissa and jeff and lynn wouldn't let jennifer on the team until she's older but jennifer is a wild card and will join the t…

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