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"Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion" is the eleventh episode of the first season of Black Lightning, and eleventh episode overall.[1]


AND JUSTICE FOR ALL – As suspicions grow that Jefferson Pierce is Black Lightning, the ASA arranges to have him arrested.  Lynn seeks help from Detecitve Henderson.  Meanwhile, as Jefferson is in custody, Gambi and Anissa work together to show Black Lightning is still running around the streets of Freeland. [2]



At the facility with the captured children, Ms. Fowdy is asking the condition of the children to the doctor. He explains that one of them is experiencing abnormalities but they should be fine. Thunder and Black Lightning are fighting guards as they make their way to their target.

Ms. Fowdy is walking to her call and answers a phone call. She gives them an update on the captured children and is informed of their facility being blown up. She says she will take care of the Jefferson Pierce situation.

Bak at Gambi's, he tells Black Lightning he will find a way to locate the pods. Anissa is worried about Gambi's condition and asks what happened to him. He tells her to ask her father and explains the ASA will be looking for them. Gambi says the wweapons he blew up only had one purpose.

Somewhere across town, Ms. Fowdy is mentioning with Chief Cayman and another cop. She tells them to look in the garbage can for something that needs to be handled tomorrow. They ask her who is the target and she tells them that it is Jefferson pierce.

At Alvin's house, Anissa asks Jefferson what happened to Gambi, He explains the ASA situation and goes on to say how weird it is to be working around them, She talks about the ADA situation and asks if they all could get along. Jefferson says he doesn't know and gets up from the table. Back a the facility, a man is working when an alert goes off. He's alerted to one of the children dying in their pod.The next day, Jefferson is greeting students at school. Anissa and Jennifer walking inside and greet their father. Jefferson tells her to keep an eye on Jennifer. In class, Jefferson and and his students are talking. One of the students hears the police pulling up to the school. Everyone sees the situation outside as the police are searching Jefferson's car. Jefferson tells Cayman he will follow them to the police station to clear up whatever misunderstanding. Cayman fins Green Light and puts Jefferson under arrest. Jennifer and Anissa comes down to the scene. enifer asks what's wrong and gets angry. Jefferson tells Jennifer to calm, so she won't activate her power. He tells them to call Lynn and inform her of his arrest. Anissa tries to get to her father and almost uses her powers, but Jefferson stops her. The police car drives off as Jennifer, Anissa, and Ms. Fowdy are watching.

At hte police station, Henderson spots Jefferson and asks Cayman what is going on. Henderson stops Cayman asks for the search warrant. In his office, Cayman shows him the search warrant and Hendrson tells him that Jefferson is innocent. Cayman tells him not anymore and not be blinded by his friendship with Jefferson.

At school, Jennifer and Anissa are walking as Ms. Fowdy is announcing to continue on with their day. Ms. Fowdy is encrypting files and is chatting with someone on the situation with Jefferson. Back at PD, Jefferson is getting processed and taken into custody. Two of the cops start to beat him which temporarily activates his powers, but he manages to suppress them. He changes out of his clothes and stripped searched.

Lynn arrives to the station and asks to see Jefferson Pierce. The desk seargant says she can't help her as she's his ex-wife. Henderson comes up and talks to Lynn. She tells him that Jefferson is innocent and Henderson says he knows. Henderson asks i Lynn trusts him, but she sys no. She leaves.

At Gambi's, Anissa arrives downstairs and tells him tht she is suiting up. Gambi stops her nd tells her that she will endanger her family. Gambi tells the danger will come when ASA will have Jefferson move and will kill him. Anissa

At the station, Henderson comes into the questioning room as informs Jefferson that they are being wtched. Henderson asks if Jefferson knows Lala. Jefferson tells him that Lala was one of his students. Henderson asks why did the 100 kidnap Jennifer and Anissa. Jefferson lies and says he doesn't know. Jefferson tells Henderson that he is being set up. Curious, Henderson asks Jefferson why he would believe that. Before he could answer, Cayman comes in and says the interview is over. Cayman says there has been transfer order for Jefferson.

On the news, people are giving their thoughts on Jefferson's situation. Lynn turns off the television as her phone rings. Henderson informs her that Jefferson is being transferred and that he can't do anything about it. At Gambi's, he tells Anissa that Lynn inform him of Jefferson's

Lynn is talking to Jefferson about talking with a lawyer. Jennifer asks why can't Jefferson uses his powers, but Lynn tells her that you can't "superpower your way out of everything". Lynn tells her he knows Jennifer is scared. Jennifer says she's not and that Jefferson told her to be strong, but Lynn tells her that it's okay to be strong and sad at the same time. Jennifer starts to cry and questions whether or not Jefferson will ever get out.

Back at the station, Henderson comes into his cell and asks what is going on. He asks if Jefferson is a spy, but Jefferson tells him no. Disappointed, Henderson says he will still help him, but he thought Jefferson would make it easier for him and leaves. In his office, Henderson is talking with another detective. He tells the detective

That night, Thunder is walking downtown as citizens notice her. Ms. Fowdy is alerted to her appearance and watches the news report on it. She is using a hologram to fool people into thinking Black Lightning is still around. Gambi is operating a van, so Thunder and the hologram will fool everyone watching. After avoiding a car, Thunder and Gambi successfully complete the ruse. Ms. Fowdy turns off the news as she is in disbelief over what she witnessed.

In her office, Ms. Fowdy gets an alert on her pad. After reading it, she begins messaging someone on Black Lightning's sighting. The person tells her that her job was to monitor and facilitate. She tells them that Black Lightning

At the station, Henderson tells Jefferson that the detective who handled his case admitted to planting the evidence, and that he is being released. Cayman comes down and asks what is going down. He tells Jefferson to get dressed and leaves. In the hallway, Henderson attacks Cayman and arrests him for his corruption.

At his father's house, Jefferson comes in and hugs his family. They hear a knock at the door and Anissa and Jefferson go to check it out. It ends up being Gambi.

On the news, Henderson is giving a report on Jefferson's situation.



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  • This episode was previously titled Rebellion in the Ranks.
  • Jefferson and Gambi make amends with each other.
  • Henderson is promoted to Deputy Chief after Cayman's arrest.







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