And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light is the fifth episode of the first season of Black Lightning. It aired on February 13, 2018 in the US on The CW, and on February 20, 2018 internationally on Netflix.[1]


PAYBACK IS A BITCH – An unexpected phone call unearths the long-buried need for Jefferson to investigate the murder of his father. Meanwhile, Anissa wrestles with the fact that her actions have dire consequences. Lastly, Jennifer learns the importance of controlling her temper – in all situations.[2]



Black Lightning is on the roof of a building preparing to test his flight ability. He successfully flies from building to building while Gambi is monitoring back at his shop. Jefferson notices two ops trying to arrest someone high on Green Light. When one of the cops take out his gun to prepare to shoot, Black Lightning intervenes and reminds the cops that the man they're trying to arrest is unarmed.


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  • "Aches and Pains" was the original title for this episode.
  • It is revealed that 30 years ago, on March 30, 1987, nine children who were experimented on and received enhanced abilities, disappeared.
  • Tobias and Tori are revealed to be taking a serum that allows them to never age.
  • Gambi is revealed to work for the A.S.A.
  • Anissa's first costume as an amateur superheroine pays homage to her first one from the comics.






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