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• 3/29/2018

Episode names

The origins and meanings behind the episode names
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• 3/8/2018

Expansion of Some Characters

It seems we are or have reached a bit of a half-way point in the series. We know our major characters and their situations, where the series is in terms of universe and location, and we know some, if not all, of the connections to the comics thus far. However, there are some things this series could work on, either in this season or the next, with a few of the characters...

Firstly, Grace Choi. I am happy to hear and know that she is canonically bi in this universe and that she has easily struck up a beautiful friendship with canon-lesbian and soon-to-be superhero Thunder (Anissa Pierce). However, it feels a little bit unnerving that she has yet to have more screentime and interactions with Anissa and maybe even join in this possible "let's be heroes" kind of situation. I also hope that Grace has some abilities, if not her full-on Amazonian background like she does in the comics. There is so much we could see that we were unable to with Anissa's romantic relationship with Cheona.

Secondly, while she is also pretty young and unable that she, too, could be a metahuman with abilities, Jennifer Pierce's character feels too watered down. Understandably, she should be forced on her school life and how she chooses to go about her daily routines and what have you. I even do not mind her seeking a romantic relationship with her long-time crush, though it is unfortunate that it had ended the way it did. What I ask, though, is that her character also gets some expansion. Jennifer doesn't need to become Lightning right now, but she also doesn't need to be left in the background compared to her older sister. Show us how she's going through certain situations. Has she gotten over her kidnapping? How does she feel in terms of seeing changes done to Freeland? Is her relationship with Lynn been well thus far?

Establishing the hierarchy of the underground crime world that lies in Freeland, especially with the One Hundred, tell us a little more about some of these characters. What's the situation with Lady Evelyn? Does she have talents the series is too shy of showcasing? How far back is her history with Peter Gambi (as well as Peter Gambi himself)? And what about Tobias Whale? How was his life prior to becoming the leader of the One Hundred and its street/local operations? What has his experience been up to this point that the series has not yet shown? What are some of the mystiques that are in the works for the organization that characters like Latavius has been revived?

There are a variety of other things, but these are some of the things I hope to either have explained, explored, or even hinted at that will bring me some peace... or provide good material for fanfictions.
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• 2/10/2018

Main Page Ideas

While the admins are the only ones that will be taking over how our main page should appear to newcomers, I welcome any visitors and contributors to bring in any ideas that could help improve our Main Page's appearance.

I warn that I am not heavily skilled in doing a lot of fancy changes nor can I make our page appear like other wikis. Your thoughts, however, are appreciated regardless.
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• 1/18/2018


Do you all want this show to be featured in the Arrowverse?

I don't, because I feel like the Arrowverse writers will not know how to write for the characters. Plus, they'll make the show follow the same formula as the Arrowverse shows. I don't mean to bring race into it, but I don't like the way the Arrowverse writers handle their POC characters, especially the black characters. I was so happy when they announced it would be no be apart of it.
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• 1/14/2018

first post

called it i posted first yay
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